First published in 1953 by Abelard Press as a Hardback

Set in the same, or maybe similar world to Coming Attraction. Began life as Casper Scatterdays Quest.

“It does not break new ground – by Leiber’s standards – however inventive and often astoundingly witty it is. All the rest of us, from Heinlein on down, would rank it among our best, had we written it.”
Poul Anderson in ‘The Wizard of Nehwon’

“Here’s a classy reprint of Fritz Leiber’s madcap 1953 farce about a most unusual sort of alien invasion. Phil Gish is the archetypal nebbish until the day Lucky the green cat wanders into his life. To get him back, he tangles with an assortment of thugs, religious fanatics, scientists, mobsters, mysterious satyr-people, and the Federal Bureau of Loyalty. Many details of the 2003 Leiber projected in 1953 ring eerily true in 1992. Recommended”.
Raymonds Reviews #183 Date: 27 Mar 92 02:14:22 GMT

“An over populated near-future earth is quietly invaded by benign aliens who resemble green pussycats. A complex and amusing tale with deft touches of satire.”
The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction – David Pringle

Notable Editions: Gregg Press HB with introduction by Deborah L. Notkin. Severn House HB. Ultramarine HB.

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)