First published in 1974 by Gollancz as a Hardback

This book pulls together many of his award winning stories (including the novel The Big Time). The Tor double edition only contains the single story, Ship of Shadows, and the Mayflower edition drops Ill Met in Lankhmar

“A gathering of all the author’s award winning stories and novellas, including the short novel ‘The Big Time’ . Several of the pieces are fantasy rather than SF, but all are excellent. Published in the UK only, to celebrate Leiber’s appearance as guest of honour at The World Science Fiction Convention in Brighton.”
The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction – David Pringle

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Belsen Express

Catch That Zeppelin!

Gonna Roll the Bones

Ill Met in Lankhmar

Ship of Shadows

The Big Time