First published in 2008 by MacFarland & Co as a Paperback

Fritz Leiber: Critical Essays is a set of academic essays on Fritz and his work, featuring contributions by notable Leiber scholars, including S T Joshi, Bruce Byfield, John Pelan and Justin Leiber.  They are all interesting to a Leiber fan, but I particularly enjoyed John Howard’s piece on Pale Brown Thing and Benjamin Szumsky on Gather Darkness

Publisher info:
Collection academically examines Fritz Leiber and his work: role of civilization; evolution of Our Lady of Darkness; concept of time; death, rebirth and existentialism; feline characters; sexual desire; his gothic and weird tales; eccentricity in Leiber’s poems; theme of power in Fafhrd and Gray Mouser adventures; connecting threads, and contrasts between Leiber and Lovecraft; and biblical influences.. Edited by Benjamin Szumskyj ; with a foreword by John Pelan..

A Pail of Air reviews & articles

Bruce Byfield’s thoughts on Fritz Leiber: Critical Essays

Fritz Leiber: Critical Essays review by Darrell Schweitzer

Contains the following articles

The Word and the Wild: The Problem of Civilization in the Works of Fritz Leiber Robert H. Waugh

“Story-Telling Wonder-Questing, Mortal Me”: Some Thoughts on the Transformations of “The Pale Brown Thing” into Our Lady of Darkness John Howard

But Time and Chance Happeneth to Them All: The Genesis and Applications of Fritz Leiber’s Theory of Time Justin Leiber

Death, Rebirth, and Existentialism in Fritz Leiber Gary William Crawford

Thank God They’re on Our Side (I Think): The Cat as Alien in Fritz Leiber’s Fiction Davide Mana

Feed Me, Baby, Feed Me”: Beyond the Pleasure Principle in Fritz Leiber’s “Girl with the Hungry Eyes” John Langan

Science and Superstition: Fritz Leiber’s Modernization of Gothic S.T. Joshi

The Allure of the Eccentric in the Poetry and Fiction of Fritz Leiber Bruce Byfield

Power Plays: Explorations of Social Power in Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Adventures S. C. Bryce

A Spectre Is Haunting Chicago: The Lovecraft-Leiberian Connection Henrik Harksen

He Wrote in the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Deconstructing Gather, Darkness! Benjamin Szumsky