First published in 1950 by Pelligrini & Cudahy as a Hardback

Gather Darkness recounts of the fall of a theocracy and is an excellent read and it still has a ‘Weird Tales’ feel to it. Originally serialised in Astounding, it has undergone numerous reprints, including the attractive Easton Press edition.  An audio book is now available.

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Science fiction has frequently made use of the idea of religion as a form of crowd and societal control. Asimov used it, to the benefit of civilization, in the early sections of the “Foundation” series. In Gather, Darkness!, Fritz Leiber examines the other side of the coin. Megatheopolis forms the arena for Leiber’s tale as well as serving as the center of the world-wide religion worshipping the “Great God.” Created after a civilization-destroying war which is described by the renegade-priest Jarles in the early chapters of the novel, this religion is used by scientists in an attempt to help civilization rise from the ashes. Unlike Asimov’s Foundation, the priests of Megatheopolis (who all know the background of their religion) have become corrupt and tyrannical. read more