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Locus Magazine “Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam”

I have scanned in and converted the very interesting November 1992 issue of Locus magazine, that contained tributes from Justin Leiber, Marion Zimmer Bradley and L Sprague De Camp, plus numerous photos.  Well worth a read.

Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam

In defence of Fritz and the Hugo

In the process of getting this site up and running again I spent a good bit of time trawling the internet for some interesting Fritz Leiber related views and comment, and there was a fair bit to find. I have added these to the links page of the site, or where more sensible onto the actual page relating to the book.

Sadly some of the highest ranking links on Google point at The Guardian website, and Sam Jordison’s reviews of The Wanderer and The Big Time as part of his journey through the Hugo’s. read more

Minireview: The Snow Women

Fantastic, April 1970

When Ace released the swords series in it’s own internal chronology, Fritz ended up writing many link pieces to fit the stories. He also had to formally set in place the backgrounds Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser as well as their meeting.

He had already visited the antecedents of the Gray Mouser in 1962’s  ‘The Unholy Grail’, in ‘The Snow Women’ we follow Fafhrd’s earliest adventure. There was a feeling of gothic in the Unholy Grail, with it’s mad lord, dungeons and waif like heroine, but the  Snow Women, written in 1970, is much more typical of Leiber’s later work. read more

Neil Gaiman talks about The Big Time

The always interesting Mr. Gaiman talks about the Big Time over at The Library of America, and fascination it is too…

The Big Time is a remarkably sophisticated story, unusual for science fiction of its time period. It is Leiber’s most successful science fiction novel: it contains many of Leiber’s pet themes—Shakespeare and the theater, alternate identities, alcoholism and sadomasochism, Germany and Time. It’s funny, smart, and resonant, playing out huge themes on a tiny stage, and it demands a great deal of its readers, so it’s no surprise that it was rewarded with the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1958, nor that, over fifty years later, it remains relatively unknown.” read more

Fritz Leiber at 100 article…

A very very good article on “Fritz Leiber at 100” over at conceptual fiction.  It gives a very very clear view of why Fritz is still such an important writer…

A nice overview of the Swords Series at

A nice overview of the Swords Series at TOR.COM

Quite a fun read, especially how it relates to D&D..

Reviews of the Swords series

Whilst browsing round the internet, I found Heloise Merlin’s Blog, which has a nice set of reviews and thoughts on the entire Swords series, plus numerous other interesting posts.

Ill Met in Lankhmar in Neverwinter Nights?

I see someone has posted an Ill Met in Lankhmar module over at the Neverwinter Vault. Looks like they have made a good effort to put the story into the module, I will have to download it and give it a go.

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