So, back in the mists of time, well the late seventies and early eighties, as D&D was morphing into AD&D, the role playing world was rather different. Magazines like Dragon and White Dwarf were on the shelves of newsagents, but fanzines and self published books was a really busy and exciting place.

At Warwick University, a bunch of students pulled together a huge range of previously published monsters, items and rules, added a load of their own, and produced the Warwick Supplements. These were the books I used to play my first D&D game, thanks to my English teacher and her husband, they had been recent students at Warwick.

These books were great, they had new characters like Weapon Master and Friar, loads of new magical items, some rules which I always preferred to AD&D and some brilliant monsters.  But I will admit, I don’t know a great deal about their genesis.  I do know some of the monsters came from Chris Bursey’s Observers Book of Monsters.

They are a great time capsule of where D&D was in the early eighties, so very different to today.  Book two provied very difficult to track down, so I have to thank my English teacher from 40 years ago, and her husband, to share their copy, so thanks Ro & Robin!

I have scanned in the books and these are formatted as printable PDFs and still use them to play with my son at his club.

I would love to speak to any of the people involved and interview them about the books and the state of gaming back then, so please get in touch!

I have just published a Deck of Mythical Items, which has a few call backs to the monsters from Warwick, and indeed uses items I created myself back in the eighties.

David Read / Sep 23