First published in 2002 by Midnight House as a Hardback

Limited edition released by Midnight House, with a foreword by John Pelan. Also available as kindle / audiobook.

Note: The Inheritance is listed under it’s Weird Tales Name of The Phantom Slayer.

Review by Scott E Candey

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Black Has Its Charms

Dr. Adams' Garden of Evil

Game for Motel Room

In the X-Ray

Lie Still, Snow White

Mr. Bauer and the Atoms

Schizo Jimmie

Snow White

Spider Mansion

The Black Gondolier

The Casket-Demon

The Creature from Cleveland Depths

The Dead Man

The Dreams of Albert Moreland

The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity

The Phantom Slayer

The Repair People

The Secret Songs

The Thirteenth Step