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Masters of Science Fiction: Fritz Leiber

Masters of Science Fiction: Fritz Leiber was first published in 2016 by Centipede Press as a

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Artwork: The Ship Sails at Midnight

Ships to the Stars

A sci fi leaning collection from 1964...

The Best of Fritz Leiber

First published in 1974 by Sidgewick & Jackson as a Hardback

This is a wide ranging collection of his stories and, as an introduction to his work, probably one of the best available. It concentrates on his SF/Fantasy but doesn’t contain Fafhrd & Mouser stories, or his horror stories such as ‘Smoke Ghost’. It opens with a brief introduction by Leiber , some editions contains a warm tribute by Poul Anderson. Amazon claim to have a Kindle Version, this is called ‘Selected Stories‘ and is a different collection.

Review over at The Black Gate

“Twenty two stories by this talented author whose work has ranged widely across the genres of fantasy and SF. The Hugo and Nebula award winning ‘Gonna Roll The Bones’ is an effective horror story. ‘Space Time For Springers’ is a delightful tale about cats. Other powerful pieces, which more closely fit the definition of SF, include ‘Coming Attraction’ and ‘America the Beautiful’.”
The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction – David Pringle

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

A Deskful of Girls

A Pail of Air

America the Beautiful

Coming Attraction

Gonna Roll the Bones

Little Old Miss Macbeth


Poor Superman



Space-Time for Springers

The Big Holiday

The Big Trek

The Enchanted Forest

The Foxholes of Mars

The Good New Days

The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity

The Man Who Never Grew Young

The Night He Cried

The Ship Sails at Midnight

Try and Change The Past

Wanted - An Enemy

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