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Swords Against Death

First published in 1970 by Ace as a Paperback

The second of the Swords series (In the Lankhmar chronology). Based on Two Sought Adventure which was published in 1957, but fits it into the chronology just after the time of Ivrian and Vlana’s deaths. Also contains the first appearances of Ningauble and Sheelba.  These are some of the oldest Lankhmar tales he wrote and stories like Bleak Shore and Jewels in the Forest have a distinctly Lovecraftian feel.  It still suprises me how fresh these stories feel given that many pre-date the second world war.

The circle curse works well as a bridging piece and Bazaar of the Bizarre remains a classic piece, though it’s tone clearly sets it as a later Leiber story.

Note, Two Sought Adventure is retitled Jewels in the Forest.

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Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Bazaar of the Bizarre

Claws from the Night

The Bleak Shore

The Circle Curse

The Howling Tower

The Jewels in the Forest

The Price of Pain-Ease

The Seven Black Priests

The Sunken Land

Thieves' House


  1. Eric Smith

    How can I find a value for the 1977 Sword Box Set? I see it no where for sale online?

    • FranzWesten

      I have no idea, I have found no record of it elsewhere either, so I have no idea!

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