Quicks around the Zodiac

First published in 1964 by Cheap Street as a 1983

Signed by Fritz Leiber and Alicia Austin. Hand-crafted, saddle stitched (with thread), covers and all. Frontispiece glued in. Additional Zodiac symbol used on cover laid in. Wolfe’s afterword, dated Oct. 1982, has caption: Vunce around der momma’s kitchen / py Hans Katzenjammer. “Seventy-five copies were handsewn into covers of Strathmore Rhododendron cover with endpapers of dar blue moriki, a handmade tissue imported from Japan. These books were enclosed in a dustwrapper of Silver Teachest from Japan and slipped into cases handmade by Judi W. Conant of Guildhall, Vermont.” Issued in envelope with title on front and copy number in pencil on back.

Contains an afterword by Gene Wolfe.

Quicks Around The Zodiac  was eventually collected in Strange Wonders

Quicks Around The Zodiac reviews & articles
Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Quicks Around the Zodiac: A Farce