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More details on forthcoming Fritz Leiber Centipede Press collection.

The always wonderful Centipede Press have their new Fritz Leiber collection  (Fritz Leiber:Masters of the Weird Tale in 2 volumes,) due for release in march 2016.  It has artwork by Tom Kidd, Allen Koszowski, Travis Lewis, and Rodger Gerberding, plus a new introduction by John Pelan.

The contents look very good, with a mixture of well known and rarer stories and I really am very excited to see the artwork, Rodger Gerberding contributed to Gummitch & Friends,  Allen Koszowski on the Midnight House collections, the featured image is from Travis Lewis, and is for Cry Witch, Tom Kidd (I believe) is doing the wraparound cover (see here)

The Dreams of Albert Moreland
Smoke Ghost
Mr Adams’ Garden of Evil
The Black Gondolier
The Power of the Puppets
Skinny’s Wonderful
Alice and the Allergy
Midnight by the Morphy Watch
Spider Mansion
The Terror from the Depths
Replacement for Wilmer: A Ghost Story
You’re All Alone
The Hill and the Hole
Cry Witch!
Lie Still, Snow White
The Casket-Demon
The Man Who NeverGrew Young
The Enormous Bedroom
The Dead Man
The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity
Black Has Its Charms
The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich
In the X-Ray
Little Old Miss Macbeth
The Button Molder
Dark Wings
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes
Horrible Imaginings
The Hound
The Glove
Diary in the Snow
The Ghost Light
The Automatic Pistol
I’m Looking for Jeff
Belsen Express
A Bit of the Dark World
Richmond, Late September, 1849
Four Ghosts in Hamlet
The Phantom Slayer
Midnight in the Mirror World
Gonna Roll the Bones


  1. chad

    I am a longtime Centipede Press fan but relatively new to Fritz Leiber. How does this short story collection stand up to other releases? Leaving out the gorgeous artwork Centipede always has, of course. Thanks. chad

    • FranzWesten

      From his dark fantasy / horror output it is an excellent collection, it has a lovely mixture of classic respected tales and some rarer ones.

      Fritz never wrote any hard sf, but there is a great deal of science fantasy as it could be called, or fantasy (in the form of what if suppositions as opposed to fantasy akin to dragons etc.) that he wrote, which is superb.

      The Worlds of Fritz Leiber is a nice collection, which has of a lot of his stories from ‘Galaxy Magazine’. Deadly Moon and Other Tales is not a bad collection, nor ‘The best of Fritz Leiber’

      There are also his wonderful Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories, the Novel Swords of Lankhmar is a great place to start!

  2. Matthew Davis


    Hope you might be interested in a few links to some rare Fritz Leiber materials I’ve found over the last year.

    The Halloween 1976 edition of the San Francisco alt-weekly The Berkeley Barb published a Fritz Leiber short story reworking some of his materials in “Our Lady of Darkness” (1977), a 1300 word kinda-prequel. “Stonehenge 94101” has never been reprinted, since it was obviously superseded by his novel and it isn’t even featured in most of Leiber’s bibliographies and checklists, but its been digitized in this online archive:——-en-20–1–txt-txIN—————1

    Chicago Tribune has released its archives from behind the paywall, so all of Leiber’s reviews of science fiction and popular science books from about 1948 to 1956 (when he was editing “Science Digest” in Chicago) are available to read online.

    (though the search engine is very poor – I found more entries using Google to site search)

    Houston University which has the largest holding of Fritz Leiber’s papers has posted online the materials he collected from attending numerous conventions over the decades – complete programme booklets (particularly for the World Fantasy Convention), newsletters, Leiber’s own manuscripts for GOH speech and convention reports.

    • FranzWesten

      Thanks so much, I will go through this and make a post about it all!

      Thanks again

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