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A few sites out there of interest to Fritz fans…

Wikipedia – Quite a bit of info on Fritz here

Libravox – Free Audiobooks by Fritz Leiber

ISFDB – Comprehensive bibliography, including all anthology appearances.

Nehwon – le site de Fritz Leiber     Bruno Para’s very comprehensive Fritz Leiber site (French)

Fantastic Fiction – Lots of info on the various releases of Fritz’s books

Scrolls of Lankhmar – A site with a good bibliography and lots info on the RPG world on Nehwon

Locus – An excellent overview of Fritz’s work.

Walden East – John Howard has a series of excellent articles on Fritz.

Space and Time – Has a nice article covering Fritz’s works.

Centipede Press They sell superb books, their editions of Conjure Wife and Our lady of Darkness are some of the finest books I own, and they always have an interesting release schedule.

Wildside Press John Gregory Betancourt’s Wildside press has been publishing excellent books for many years, including some fine Fritz Leiber releases.

Geoff Taylor Geoff did the cover art for the Grafton releases of The Swords series, you can see the original art (plus arts for numerous other authors books) on his can even buy the art!

Michael Whelan Michael did the cover art for the the Ace Swords and Ice Magic and Heroes and Horrors, There is a shop and a gallery of his numerous arts.

Peter Elson The late Peter Elson did the cover art for the Mayflower releases of The Swords series, you can see the original art (plus art for numerous other authors books) on this site.

Fantasy Heartbreaker – Fascinating blog, with lots of Leiber references.

Monster Brains Jam packed full of weird art, including book covers. Maintained by the artis aeron Alfrey

CthulhuWho1s’ Blog – Lot of Lovecraftian fun and great cover scans of lots of Fritz’s books

Heloise Merlins Blog – Reviews Fritz’s Swords series. – My day job, the video production company I own – A site of radio drama reviews


  1. furntats

    Do you by chance know if Mr. Leiber’s book reviews have ever been collected? I have a few old issues of Fantastic Stories from the 1970’s which have him as a columnist reviewing books. I really love those reviews that I’ve found by pure random luck and I’d dearly love to read all of them. I don’t even know what span of time he did that work or if he reviewed books for any of the other magazines. I am hoping there’s enough non-fiction work to fill a book! And that would be a book I’d race to the bookshop to buy.

    • FranzWesten

      Not that I aware of. He had some science pieces in book of Fritz Leibef and Second book, but not reviews… I’ll haven’t I scan some in from magazines!

      • furntats

        Ah, that’s right. I’d forgotten about the non-fiction content in those anthologies. I have less than a dozen of Fantastic. Leiber was contributing reviews for several years, as far as I can tell throughout the early 70’s. Might be a longer period but I cannot confirm based on those few in hand hard copies. Love this website. Is this your baby?

        • FranzWesten

          I yes, have been running it for 23 years now! How time flies…

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