First published in 1992 by Donald M Grant as a Hardback

Gummitch and Friends collects together all the Gummitch Stories as well as a lot of other cat stories. It contains some lovely illustrations as well as some poetry by Margo Skinner (Leiber), Karen Anderson and Poul Anderson.

The Book is dedicated to Margo, his second wife, and she writes of their wedding day.

A limited edition, slip cased version was released, with tributes from people such as Stephen King and Harlan Ellison included as Fritz died at the time of publication.

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Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Cat Three

Cat's Cradle

Kreativity for Kats

Ship of Shadows

Space-Time for Springers

The Bump

The Cat Hotel

The Great San Francisco Glacier

The Lotus Eaters

Thrice the Brinded Cat