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1994 seems like a LONG time ago. That was when this website was first published, by laboriously inputting all the information, building the HTML using notepad and scanning in my books using a decidedly ropey hand scanner.

The original URL was, which is a pain as a lot of sites still list this on their pages and I have no way of redirecting!

Times have moved on and with WordPress making a website so much easier to build, I have converted all the content over from the old site and updated where necessary.

In 1994, my site was one of the very few places to get info on Fritz and  his works, luckily things are considerably different now, and I have added numerous links to the links page.

You will see from the Short Stories cloud, you can easily see where a story by Fritz appears in his various collections.  It only covers Fritz’s own collections or notable magazine appearances (Weird Tales, Fantastic etc.).  Those of you who want to see a comprehensive list of the hundreds and hundreds of anthology or magazine appearances should take a look at the excellent ISFDB website.

If you have an article you think I should mention, or a Fritz related release imminent, please let me know so I can get the information into a post.

I remember encountering Fritz’s name on the back of Clark Ashton Smith collection which rather strangely was on my Dad’s bookshelf.  I enjoyed the book, and Fritz’s name stuck in my memory, so when I saw a copy of Swords Against Death at a flea market I snatched it up.  That was the beginning of my obsession with Fritz, which at the age of 44 (as I write this) shows no sign of fading. Because of my website, I spoke to some wonderful people (including Fritz’s family) and even contributed to the excellent Midnight House collections, edited by John Pelan.  I am just waiting til my son is a couple of years older, then I can start the indoctrination….

Lastly, WordPress is collaborative! Anyone wishes to help, drop me a line below

David Read 2014

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  1. Jason hardy

    Hey David! I just discovered your website today. I didn’t realize there were any Leiber tribute sites left online. Great to find yours. I just began a new Facebook page devoted to Leiber called I’ll Met Online if you’d like to become a member. It’d be an honor. Enjoy your site very much. I’ll plug it on my page. Lots of excellent Leiber info! Jason Hardy

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